Projects and Praise

A gallery of projects that members of Deconstruction Works staff have completed, and praise from colleagues and past clients.  Scroll to the bottom for most recent projects.

Jamaica Pond Job 2007

“Erich Kruger is able to turn that which many of us would discard into usable materials for others. His process is orderly and efficient and his practice environmentally sustaining.”
-Scott Wunderle
Terragenous Landscape Architecture

Praise 2011

Erich Kruger at Finger Lakes Reuse

“Erich Kruger is a knowledgeable and competent expert in the field of deconstruction, and is the hardest worker I have ever met. Erich helped advise, develop and manage our nonprofit organization’s deconstruction program at Finger Lakes ReUse, and helped bring the organization to a new level of visibility and viability in the Ithaca, NY area and surrounding region. I would strongly recommend Erich for his commitment, his work ethic, and his integrity – if you want to have an environmentally sensitive job done well, safely, and resourcefully, Deconstruction Works will be an excellent choice.”
-Diane Cohen, Director
Finger Lakes ReUse

Brattleboro Kitchen Strip-Out 2013

“Thanks so much for the great job you did dismantling our kitchen.  You were a pleasure- you were so clear about what you would do, when you would do it, how you would do it, and what it would cost.  Thanks for your hard work and thanks for such a complete and clean job.”
-Michael Fannon, Homeowner

Westminster Vermont Off-Grid Cabin

“Deconstruction Works … answered my email message the very same day.  We agreed to meet at the cabin the very next morning at 7AM.  Within 1/2-hour of arriving, Erich had assessed the value of the contents and materials to be salvaged and we made arrangements for work to begin as soon as possible.  …Within two days, I had copies of his insurance policy, we had a contract to sign, and he was ready to begin. …As I write this…the cabin is all but gone and nearly everything has already been sold off for a new life in a new place.  It’s more than amazing!  The care and patience and persistence and motivation … to not only get the job done, but get it done well and right, is rare.  I am deeply impressed by this man, his energy, his focus and drive to do what he does so well….you have been a treasure to work with and have brought an end to so many worries, we cannot ever thank you enough!”
-Lanie and Frank Wadelton, Owners

Praise 2013
“Looking for an expert in deconstruction and/or building material reuse? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve worked with Erich on a number of projects and were thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and work.
-Nathan Benjamin, Principal
Planet Reuse

Newfane, Vermont Take-Down

“Erich took on the project of deconstructing our home in Newfane, VT in the dead of winter. His professionalism and diligence to that task were admirable.  Erich and his team performed the task in a timely manner and left the site as if the house had never been there There was comfort in knowing our home would be re-purposed. We offer our appreciation and recommendation to Deconstruction Works.”
-Mike McAssey, Owner

Dummerston Vermont Deconstruction to 1st Floor

Owner retained basement and chimney for use as a workshop.

Tinmouth Vermont Gambrel Takedown to 1st Floor 2014

“I was very pleased with the work you guys did at Chuck and Tracy’s. It was professionally done and completed on time and on budget.  You’re welcome to use me … as a reference.”
-Doug Fontein, Project Manager
Tinmouth Channel Construction

Rock River Cabin, Newfane Vermont

“I have had the opportunity to work with Erich on multiple jobs over the past few years. Simply put, he does exactly what he says he will do. He is a true man of integrity with the skills to back up his words. If you need deconstruction of a building, look no farther. Deconstruction Works is a sure bet for satisfaction!”
-Walter Hagedorn, Owner

Porch & Mudroom Removal, Elmore Vermont

Deck_Elmore Mudroom_Elmore
Damaged deck & 8×14′ Typar-wrapped mudroom removed in August 2014.

RN Johnson Buildings, Walpole New Hampshire 2014

This project involved removing 56′ of shed, rebuilding end walls, and shifting doors and track to end bays.  Most materials were reused on site.

“Your recent work at the former R N Johnson facility in Walpole, NH on behalf of my clients was exceptional.
Under difficult site conditions, the work was completed on time and under the project budget … we expected….but we were not prepared for the creative problem solving and flexibility in driving a difficult project along. Deconstruction Works is a well-kept secret; I wish we’d learned of your services years ago. Many thanks for the excellent construction – and deconstruction – work and strong project advocacy.”
-Hal Wilkins, Project Manager
Ramsey, McLaren, LLC – Planning + Engineering

Bathroom Strip, West Dover Vermont 

“I have been involved in the building and construction industry for 20+ years. Recently renovating a ski condo away from where I live and needed demo work done. Deconstruction Works came in and were so methodical and neat in the work they did I was amazed.  I’ve seen a lot of demo and this was by far the cleanest, fastest and most economical. They even reuse whatever material they can from the demo. I’ll definitely use them again.”
-Bill Willams, Owner

Newport Vermont Cabin

“Many thanks to Erich for driving all the way to Newport in such a timely manner. It is due to Erich’s skill, organization, and diligence that he was able to salvage so much from our cottage. Well-done…”
-Nancy Pepkin-Vogt, Owner

Fayston Vermont VLT Farmhouse & Barn

“Deconstruction Works provided the Vermont Land Trust with the specialized service we were looking for when we needed to remove a historic farmhouse that was no longer functional. With skill and care, the Deconstruction Works crew carefully dismantled the house and put its boards, beams and bricks back into circulation for reuse within the local community. It’s satisfying to know that the history and character of this farmhouse will be carried forward. Tom, Michael and Erich are an exceptional and hardy team who offer an inspiring alternative to traditional demolition practices and a great outcome for Vermont’s environment and communities.”
-Liza Walker, Mad River Valley Director
Vermont Land Trust

Valley Reporter News Article on Project

North Springfield Vermont Gambrel Barn

“I would highly recommend Decontruction Works to anyone who needs a building dismantled…. Erich was able to point out exactly how much of the barn would be good for re-use, which was important to me…(The) crew took down the barn in a highly professional and safe manner. We were even told where the barn board would be used again to decorate a bar in Massachusetts. We were also impressed at how clean the crew left the site. If you need something like this done, this is a great company to call.”
-Peter Stearns, Owner

Crawford Autoland S Royalton, Vermont 2015

This metal building, owned by the Town of Royalton, included a 2500 sq ft mezzanine.  The entire structure and interior framing was reused or recycled.

Newfane Single Family House 2015

“I can’t speak highly enough about…the team at Deconstruction Works. I had a complex project, where I wanted to take down a house but not the attached, newer garage structure. The team at DW did this job beautifully. They were a pleasure to have around, extremely knowledgeable about their trade, passionate about their work and the re-use of materials, and very fairly priced. Moreover, they were flexible, reliable, and kept to the promised schedule of deconstruction. And at the end of the day, I also have the satisfaction of knowing that the materials from this house are being used in others’ projects around the area, instead of sitting in the bottom of a landfill going to waste”
-Kurt White, Homeowner

Waterbury Vermont State Office Complex 2015

“PC Construction would like to …thank you for the successful project completion of Deconstruction – Waterbury State Office Complex.  The PC Project Team appreciated the amount of time, effort, and work that you did on this project and we are very satisfied with your leadership, commitment, and level of service for this project.”
-John Fox, Senior Project Manager
PC Construction

Burr & Burton Academy, Manchester VT

“Deconstruction Works completed selective demolition and salvage work for the Burr & Burton Headmaster’s House on time and with no surprises. Materials that were salvaged and diverted from the landfill were well documented”.
Dave Kirby, Vice President of Construction
Bread Loaf Corporation

Deerfield NH Whole House Removal

I thought I would take a moment to commend …your crew for the excellent job you did in deconstructing a 3 story house that we no longer used. I had struggled for a few years to come up with a viable solution for this house short of just demolishing it when I found you on the internet and we came to an agreement to deconstruct the house.

Your professionalism and that of your crew made this whole project move along smoothly with no unforeseen issues. From start to finish you did everything exactly as you said you would and completed the job on time and within budget.
Once we graded the lot after the house was removed you could not tell it was there. This was the plan at the beginning. Again many thanks for a job well done to… your crew”

Windsor Vermont Garage

“Thanks a ton.  We can’t say enough about the job you guys completed.”
-Alex Butrymowicz, Owner

Waterbury Vermont Gut / Rehab

Back portion of two adjacent buildings are being removed for rebuild on same footprint.

Stowe Vermont Subcontracted Salvage

Working with Steel Construction we performed selective salvage and demo to achieve the highest reuse rate possible for the homeowners tax-deductible donation to our project’s non-profit partner, ReSource.

Robinson Springs, Stowe VT

“We’ve worked with Tom and his crew on several different projects. It continues to amaze me how they manage to salvage just about everything. It takes some time and effort but they do their work safely and in a timely manner. The tax credits available to the clients just about equal their cost. It nice to see all the materials re-purposed rather than it all being hauled to a distant landfill.”
 –John Steel. President
Steel Construction Inc

Wilder Vermont Full Deconstruction

“The staff of Deconstruction Works responded quickly to my inquiry and made arrangements to assess the house within a few days.  It was very important to me that the materials in my home find new life and not just become more landfill. I was amazed at how much of my old home was able to be salvaged due to the care and diligence of the Deconstruction Works team. Thank you to all.”
-Debra Merone, Homeowner


West Dover, Vermont Condo Facelift

“We came across Deconstruction Works on Facebook and loved their mission,  We reached out and were immediately contacted by Erich Kruger.  After some discussion we met him to go over an idea we had for the front entryway to our townhouse in West Dover. The townhouse was typical builders grade 80’s and in the entry were white walls going up 2 stories.  We asked if he could use recycled products on the walls to give the space some character and he showed us some sample boards from the floor of an old house “dust boards.”  We fell in love with the project and gave him the go ahead.
Deconstruction Works kept us updated on the project and suggested some different ideas that I know our family would not have been able to think of on our own.  Erich installed the dust boards almost entirely without any cuts across the walls.  He used recycled pipes painted black for our railings and help us choose industrial looking lighting fixtures. He worked with us completely and really turned a small project into something amazing.  His work has completely transformed our ugly townhouse and we can not say enough great things about working Deconstruction Works.  We would highly recommend them to anyone else and hope to use use them again.  The finished project is beyond words and they brought it all together with stretching the mind to where we wanted to end up.
We love everything that Deconstruction Works stands for: a great idea, business and movement – do not miss out on having them a part of your next project.”
-Jeff & Stacey Vitale, Homeowners

Brattleboro Vermont Garage

“A building project can be stressful and for a person not well versed in construction, the many choices often confusing and frustrating. Choosing the correct firms for the jobs at hand can help alleviate much of this stress.

As we began our project to create a new barn/garage, we were faced with decisions about what to do with the old structure and how to dispose of the remnants.

We looked in to standard demolition companies that disposed of the waste in landfills and were surprised by the cost estimates. No careful work was being done by these firms, it was simply a matter of knocking down the old structure and hauling it off to the dump.

As the old garage was still a viable, albeit weathered, structure and was being replaced because it no longer met our needs, we were troubled by the waste associated with simply throwing the old garage away. Solid lumber, windows and other items that were in good shape would be lost. There had to be a better way.
After a bit of research we found Deconstruction Works. After a quick call they came out and assessed our old garage and came up with a plan and estimate. They explained how the process worked and what would happen with the materials. The cost estimate they provided was considerably less expensive than traditional demolition, and we could claim a tax deduction for donating the materials to charity.  We decided, cautiously, to contract for their services.
The workers showed up as promised and began to carefully disassemble the old garage, taking care to remove and collect all old nails, and carefully stacking materials for removal and donation.
The process was extremely interesting, as though someone were rewinding a video of the garage being built. Deconstruction works was careful and thoughtful as they worked, taking care to leave the site clean and safe. It was great to watch the old building  come down. They even helped us remove the garage door and carefully stack it to gift to a neighbor.
The work was completed quickly, the materials were taken away and donated, and we received a receipt from the charity for what they accepted as donations.”
-Jason R. Henske, Homeowner

Norwich Vermont Riverside Camp

“I am so pleased to have found out about Deconstruction Works.   The process is fantastic.  The people are great.  They do what they say and it is such a win, win, win.  You feel better about not filling a landfill, people in need get good usable materials, and the financial equation works.  I can not recommend Deconstruction Works highly enough!  The process was entirely enjoyable.”
-Paul Bozuwa, Homeowner

AVA Gallery Expansion, Lebanon New Hampshire

“AVA Gallery and Art Center’s mission emphasizes sustainability in both programming and general practice—this is a major component of our current capital campaign which included the demolition of an acquired property.
“Deconstruction Works gave us the ability to salvage and reuse a significant amount of building items from the property that would have otherwise been thrown away. They provided us with a concise list for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification and the team was fantastic to work with!”
-Margret Jacobs
AVA Gallery and Art Center

Shelburne Vermont Contract Project

ReSOURCE would like to thank Deconstruction Works for jumping in to help us deconstruct a full house in Shelburne.  A tight timeline needed to be met and with DW’s assistance we were able to accomplish this…”
-Jeff Schake, Building Materials & Deconstruction Manager

Randolph Vermont House and Cabin

First, I want to thank you” (Tom) “for all of your exceptionally fine work. In deconstructing our cabin and farmhouse, both you personally and DW as a company exceeded all of our hopes and expectations — off the charts! Each day, the worksite was like a case study in precision and control.  The job went on schedule, on (slightly under) budget, and on target as to minimal waste in the deconstruction process. You delivered as promised in terms of quiet and care.  Our property was left as spotless as could be. We are thrilled that we hired you, and that so much material was preserved, and shudder to think of having chosen the alternative, with its attendant waste, violence and destruction.
Bobic, most trustworthy and professional, is a tremendous asset to your company.
Please feel free to put any prospective clients in touch with us, as both Ralph and I would be delighted to speak about our wonderful experience with you.”
-Ann and Ralph Leavitt, Homeowners

Dummerston Vermont Shed Garage 2016

“Erich (of Deconstruction Works) removed and repurposed our old sagging garage. He worked clean and neat, salvaged everything of value and left us with the woodshed and no evidence that the old garage had ever been there. He went above and beyond by also cleaning up and disposing of years of accumulated junk in and around the garage. Great job, on time and under budget-thank you!”
-Susan Dimick, Homeowner

Putney Vermont Detached Sunroom

“I just want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did. It is so nice to have the sunporch gone and not have the worry of one of my boys getting hurt in it or the fear of it collapsing and hurting someone. It is amazing how large the yard looks with the sunporch off the house and off the lawn! I’ve got a good sized yard!
I especially appreciate the kindness you showed to my boys. Austin and Jayden loved being included in the project. They love to build and tear things apart.  It was something they have really missed since their great-grandfather died.
Please use us as a reference – not that I believe you need one! Your work and dedication to recycling used materials is well known and appreciated!”
With sincere thanks,
-The Simonds Family
Connie, Martha, Austin, and Jayden
Burlington Vermont Salvage Project

February 2016 “Soft Strip” project where these items and many more will be saved prior to demolition.

Moretown Vermont – The Pony Farm

“Tom Shea and his crew were fantastic.  From coordinating the project through the final invoice he was a pleasure to work with. 8-10 weeks spread over 5 months because of winter weather and we had an unexpected abatement issue in the middle of the project with another company getting involved. Tom and Deconstruction Works supported and accommodated all of the timeline shifts.  I was really impressed and they even made modifications for the change in scope in a fair and logical way.  In the end they salvaged about 75% of an old 1850’s farm house and while most of the materials were donated we kept some of the boards for a future project.  Thanks Tom and crew for making that process as enjoyable as it could have been. Our new neighbors thanked me for selecting this company given the project was in the neighbors face, I’m really happy it all worked out so well.  Thanks from Moretown, VT!”
-Cory Stephenson, Homeowner

Chester Vermont Barn 2016

“It was very easy working with you from afar.  Thanks for all the photos- it looks great.”
-Paul & Allison Tiernen, Homeowners.

Ferrisburg Vermont Whole House Deconstruction

“Tom, you and your crew did a great job with our deconstruction project, taking down and removing a three-story 24×40’ house.  We were impressed with the efficiency and fast pace with which you worked, while maintaining a focus on safety and keeping the site clean and organized.
You and your crew worked diligently and remarkably quietly.  You kept us well informed about the timing of the subsequent phases as time went on, and you were very receptive to any questions we had.
We would certainly recommend Deconstruction Works to anyone wanting to have a building taken down for materials re-use or donation.  It was a pleasure to work with you.
We are looking forward to the next stage of our project, when we will use many of the materials that Deconstruction Works salvaged in the construction of a large garage and shop.  Your care in dealing with these materials has left us with a large supply of framing lumber and metal roofing that is ready for re-use
With our best wishes for a successful spring and summer.”
-Al and Susan McKibben, Homeowners

Stowe Vermont Cape from 1970s

“I so appreciate how Tom Shea helped me through the long process of deciding how to dispose of the house that he ultimately deconstructed.  He was patient and knowledgeable and answered my endless questions in great detail.  He left the site cleaned up so that you would never know a house had been there.  He attended to every detail in a professional manner and reassured me every time new questions arose.  My family is so happy that the building materials were donated responsibly and that a minimal amount of the house ended up in landfill.  Many thanks once again to Tom and his team!”
-Barbara, Homeowner

Chester Vermont Crossroads Deconstruction 2016

“In 2015 Champlain Oil Company went through the permitting process in Chester, VT to build a new Jiffy Mart at the corner of VT Route 103 and VT Route 11.  It was a long process involving 6 hearings but we finally received approval on 9/21/15.  There was an existing house on the subject property that had some history to it but wasn’t on the Vermont State Register of Historic Places.  Questions from concerned citizens came up at the hearings about what our plans were for the house.  We answered that we would like to give it away and hoped that someone would move it.   We agreed in the hearings to try and find someone to remove the house to save it.  After the approval from the Town of Chester  was handed down we placed a sign in front of the house for a couple of months advertising that the house was free for the taking.  We had dozens of calls on it but no one was ever able to come up with a serious plan to feasibly move it.

The future of the house looked grim until I received a call from Erich Kruger, …of  Deconstruction Works.  After several conversations we determined that a total deconstruction of the house was a great way to save most of the parts of the house since no one could take it away whole.  Working with Deconstruction Works was very beneficial to Champlain Oil because of the tax break we will receive for the materials salvaged.  The deconstruction process also showed the Town that Champlain Oil truly wanted to make an effort to do something with the house and not put it all in the landfill.

I received a note from the Chair of the Chester Development Review Board that said “thank you for choosing to “de-construct” the house in Chester to make way for your new building. I know there was probably a less expensive option for clearing the structure, but the slower, careful deconstruction being done is creating a “good feeling” in town about the removal of the house. I know this has been a long process, frustrating at times I’m sure. As a resident of Chester, I just wanted to let you know the idea that the wood and historic elements are being saved and will be reused goes a long way toward the town’s people feeling good about the change.”

We will certainly be contacting Deconstruction Works again in the future when we run into a similar situation.  They were very professional and did the job exactly as they said they would.”

-Matt Wamsganz, Planning, Development & Construction Manager
Champlain Oil Company, Inc.

A Chester Telegraph article on the project can be found here.

Dorset Vermont House to Solar Array Conversion

“It was truly impressive how hard these guys work, often under not very nice conditions. Each day gave us dramatic changes and showed us a clear commitment to ‘doing the right thing.’ We felt we received good value for the cost of the project. My suggestion for the ‘next guy:’ set up a camera and do a series of time lapse photos.”
-Bill, Lara, & Isobel Calfee, Homeowners

Dorset Garage & House

(Deconstruction Works were) fantastic to work with!!!! I highly recommend these people, they do wonderful work. A great company that got my job done quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Thanks!!”
-Donald Heaton, Homeowner

Waitsfield Sunroom Addition


“Tom Shea and his crew were great to work with, from initial site survey through completion.
They were very professional, courteous, timely, and efficient throughout the project.
The site was kept very clean and safe during the entire deconstruction process.
I would not hesitate to recommend Deconstruction Works to anyone in need of their services.”
-Steve McKenzie, Homeowner

Stowe Camp Deconstruction 2016

“Working with Tom Shea and the Deconstruction Works team was a pleasure. Our small cottage in Stowe was safely dismantled in a clean, timely and environmentally responsible manner. All usable material was salvaged and donated. Highly recommended for any project big or small.”
Kelly Murphey, Homeowner

Ludlow Vermont Barn Deconstruction

“I had an old barn on property I bought in 2008 which appeared to be in pretty good shape at the time.  However, the weather over the years took its toll and the barn appeared about to fall down.  I had seen the work Deconstruction Works, LLC, was doing … in Chester, Vermont, and, through their website, emailed Erich Kruger about my barn.  He came right out to look at it and gave me a price on the spot.  Although there were several hurdles to overcome in the removal, it was professionally done and all materials and trash removed in the time frame I was given.  I am very happy with the way the work was handled and with the fact the materials will be recycled and reused and would recommend them to anyone having a building to be dismantled!
-Sandy Johnson, Homeowner

Dummerston Home Salvage

“It wasn’t a large job: recovering usable materials from a failed construction project. But Erich and his team did a fine job: they worked to a tight schedule, showed up on time, worked tirelessly, and found creative solutions to a myriad of problems. Communication before, during and after the on-site work was excellent.”
-Rick Heldt, Homeowner

Colby-Sawyer College Salvage and Partial Deconstruction 2016


“Colby-Sawyer College will begin site work this month for a new arts building by removing Colby Farm, which was built as a private single-family residence in 1987 and acquired by the college in 2000.

The new 15,000 square foot facility will offer studios, a state-of-the-art black box theater and a fine art galleria with views of Mt. Kearsarge, as well as offices for faculty and outdoor art areas. Sustained fundraising efforts will enable the college to complete the project without incurring new debt. An endowment created through an alumna’s gift will support the building’s operation.

When Colby Farm was offered to local developers contingent upon removal with no takers, the New London Board of Selectmen approved its razing. The salvage and partial deconstruction of the 7,000 square foot house and garage will be overseen by Deconstruction Works. Michael Weitzner, owner of the Vermont-based company, estimates that more than half the value of the materials in Colby Farm will be reclaimed during the two-week project.

Deconstruction Works, based in Vermont, is devoted to recovering usable building materials destined for the landfill, a goal congruent with the college’s dedication to sustainability. The environmental benefits of deconstruction include reduction of landfill waste, decreased energy costs and conservation of natural resources.

Colby-Sawyer will retain for use elsewhere on campus the majority of the hardwood floors found throughout the house and the interior lighting fixtures, the granite steps and edging, bathroom fixtures, the weathervane on the garage, and some kitchen cabinetry.”

“In January 2016, North Branch Construction was hired as Construction Manager to build the new Fine and Performing Arts Center at Colby-Sawyer College. The location of the new building was critical to the campus’s master plan. Because of this, a very big issue was encountered: the location of the future Arts Center was already home to the Colby Farm House. The Colby Farm House served as guest housing and was a charming home with character in its detail that is not seen in many of today’s homes. Early consideration was taken to possibly move the structure to another location on campus, however estimates found the move not cost-feasible.

This is when we reached out to Deconstruction Works. The thought of saving many of Colby Farm’s beautiful components from demolition was important to the College and its many residents. Deconstruction Works’ skilled craftsmen were able to remove numerous items from the home. This reduced demolition waste by roughly 25%. Deconstruction Works also carefully salvaged the home’s wide-plank pine floors, which will now be repurposed within the new Arts Center.

It was a pleasure working with Erich and his team. It is with great ease that North Branch Construction highly recommends Deconstruction Works for your project.”

-Joseph Campbell, Vice President
North Branch Construction


Landmark College Faculties Complex, Putney Vermont


Former John  Deere Dealership, Montpelier Vermont


Westminster Vermont Garage Deconstruction

“Thanks again for your quick and thorough work to demolish my garage building.”
-Lies Pasterkamp, Homeowner

Smead Woodcraft Fire Damage Salvage, Putney Vermont

“….We lost 5 rooms of the business, (but the firefighters) saved the house..
..Erich Kruger (and Deconstruction Works) had the best rates for our budget, showed up every day when he said he would be there.  So good to do business with him.  He and his staff were incredible.  Job well done and on time!
Top of the list is to know that the wood was going to be recycled.  That is such a great feeling! Instead of going into a dumpsite.  We are so grateful for the team work (Deconstruction Works) provided.  I would recommend (their) services to anyone.”
-Lorelei & Don Smead, Owners
Smead Woodcraft

Battenkill Family Health Center Renovations, Arlington VT

“As far as your team goes , you received rave reviews. The owners mentioned you and your staff as being courteous, clean and thoughtful. They and I, also mentioned the fact that you were able to salvage and reuse a lot of the materials that typically end up in the dumpster….

I would like to  thank you and your team for your efforts and I look forward to working with you again.”
-Kevin Longe, Site Supervisor
ReArch Company

Barre House Removal

Stowe Vermont Farmhouse Removal 2016

“Tom Shea and his team from Deconstruction Works recently completed the disassembly of an historic farmhouse on our Stowe property. Our initial contact  to discuss the scope of the project revealed Tom’s professional expertise as well demonstrating his sensitivity to our desire to preserve, for future re-use, as many of the building components as possible. Throughout the project Deconstruction Work’s team exhibited a well conceived plan to deconstruct the building in an orderly manner while maintaining a safe and neat job site.
The entire job was done on time and on budget without any issues. At the completion of the project all construction materials were removed, the area around the former house was raked clean, and left without any trace of disturbance.
We enjoyed working with Tom and his team.”
-David And Nancy Bradbury, Homeowners

St. Jerome’s Catholic Church, East Dorset Vermont

Bernardston, MA Log Cabin Deconstruction 2016-7

This log cabin, 10 years old, was disassembled and sold for rebuilding in upstate New York.  Net cost for removal to homeowner was less than $2,000.

“Thanks so much for all your work at …(our project)…  We’re very glad the house is down, that it will have a new life, and that the project didn’t add too much to the waste stream.  Good results all around!  Thanks again.”
-Beth Stinchfield & Jim Fizgerald, Homeowners

Stowe Vermont Gut to Foundation 2017

Springfield Kitchen

“Erich and Ian came and removed my kitchen ceiling, on short notice, and under estimate. They were courteous, neat and they cleaned up my kitchen very nicely. I plan to hire them again. ”
-Phil Von Neupert, Homeowner

Newman Hall, Putney Vermont

“Working with Deconstruction Works on the Neumann Hall deconstruction was a fantastic experience. While the old building did not meet our requirements, there was still plenty of life left in it, and we’re happy to see it re-purposed. Windham & Windsor Housing Trust strives to build energy efficient and sustainable buildings, and we’re glad to work with Deconstruction Works to extend that sustainability to the demolition process. Thanks!”
-Peter Paggi, Director of Housing Development
Windham-Windsor Housing Trust

Westhampton MA Deep Energy Retrofit

We recently had … Deconstruction Works do a large gut and demolition of an 1800s farmhouse and barn…(They) were extremely professional in the performance of their work.  They were sensitive to the wants and needs of  the clients and contractor and did an amazing job of keeping the work site clean and safe.  The entire crew showed the same level of dedication to saving the built environment and a large amount of material that would have been discarded was recycled for reuse.
Working with them was a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering renovation work”
-Janet Scully, Office Manager
Kent Hicks Construction Co, Inc.

Northampton Garage Remodel

If you respect a straightforward business owner, great communication, and care for your property this team is awesome. When the project was defined my special concerns were taken into consideration. When the work was planned the team was on time, courteous and work-space kept neat. When an invoice was due it came electronically making my life easier. And when it was all said and done they came in below estimates. All in all I highly recommend Erich and Deconstruction Works.”
-Christopher Chaput, Homeowner
Burlington Parks & Recreation

Woodstock Vermont Custom Home

“From the first fifteen minutes of phone conversation with Erich regarding our imagination with this project we knew we were heading down the right road.
The very moment you guys arrived on the scene, the clarity and solid focused approach to the labor every day put us to bed every night knowing we are still on the right road.
You guys are a rare crew in the construction field.  Your conversations, focus, energy, & attention to detail with clear attention to do it well with full respect to the environment is refreshing.  Your attention to each other, the kindness, respect, integrity, ability to listen and be heard….we are impressed with your method of operation.”
-Ned MackSoud & Kathleen King, Homeowners

Marshfield Affordable Housing

Bellows Falls House Salvage

Chester Vermont House Remodel

Clark Feed Store, Barre VT

Lyme, New Hampshire Cottage Removal

Erich Kruger and his Team are amazing. The Team completely deconstructed a 976 sq. ft. house on property my husband and I recently purchased. The house was deconstructed per our contract agreement and on schedule.  Erich and his employees work nonstop, and the job site was always left in order and neat at the end of each day.  There was always an open line of communication. All
questions or concerns were immediately addressed in both a professional and congenial manner. I highly recommend Deconstruction Works…..Many thanks to Erich and the entire Team.”
-Sandra Cozzo, Homeowner

Commercial Interior Strip-Out (The Steak Out)

“Great company”
-Matt O’Clair General Contracting LLC
“Thanks for everything.  You and your team did a great job.”
-Barbara O’Dell, Owner
True Point Practice Solutions