Deconstruction Works’ mission is to provide a meaningful service and excellent customer satisfaction while recovering usable building materials destined for the landfill.  We are organizing under the member-owned cooperative model.


OutbuildingDeconstruction typically employs 4-5 green collar workers for every demolition position, bringing benefit to the local green jobs economy.  Building materials that are carefully deconstructed retain their embodied energy and can be reused by those with limited means to create and repair their housing.  Environmental benefits of deconstruction include reduction of landfill waste, decreased energy costs, and conservation of natural resources.

How it Works

Your remodel or re-building starts with Deconstruction Works.  We can recover a variety of building materials in the early stages of your project.  For larger projects the cost of deconstruction may be entirely offset by the value of the tax-deductible donation of the materials to one of our non-profit partners.  We can help you find an appraiser, and then you can determine the impact of the no-obligation donation estimate  with your tax adviser.  We also document the project for LEED credit if applicable.

Flooring Removal
Flooring Removal

We provide a no-cost project evaluation and site visit to assess your project.  We then generate a proposal; your project’s contract cost  includes the removal for reuse or recycling of all building materials & components of value, such as floors, windows, doors, cabinets & fixtures.

We work directly with architects in the specification stage, as well as homeowners, contractors, and demolition companies to produce results on your timeline.  The best results are the product of early and clear communication among the team members.

We Are Professional

With over a decade of deconstruction experience, chances are we have already done a project similar to yours.  From building removal to remodeling and rebuilding, Deconstruction Works can bring our expertise to your next project.

Removing Layers
Removing Layers

We are fully insured with numerous OSHA trainings. Our EPA Certified Renovator certificate number is R-1-18718-10-00394.  Our MA Construction Supervisors License  #CS-108554, and MA Home Improvement Contractor #HIC=188451.  We are a member of the Building Reuse.

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